Design Process

Our approach to your home depends on your needs. Our customers look to us for assistance ranging from space planning and architectural design to furnishings and accessories. We specialize in providing custom concepts in wall, floor and window treatments.

We like to meet our clients in the space they’d like to redesign, in order to get a first-hand feel for the job. In our initial meeting, we listen for our customer’s hopes, dreams and goals for the space, as well as learning each individual’s design taste. We’ll ask many questions to help determine the best route for fulfilling the homeowner’s desires for the room.

Our second meeting with our clients usually takes place in our shop, where we’ll look at furnishing options and color and fabric concepts. Client feedback is especially important at this meeting, as we want to be sure we’ve met our customer’s vision for the space.

A small budget should not deter a customer from seeking design input from Larry Roberts Interiors. Not having the means to complete a project at once allows us to create a plan for purchases over time. We believe that the client’s enthusiasm for the process and patience in the search for quality are important. Additionally, working with customers on longer-term projects allows us to begin that close, personal relationship we want to develop with all our clients.

How We Work

Our first step in working with a new client is simple: we want to get to know you.  We prefer to meet with you for an initial consultantion, preferably in the space you are looking for design work or in our showroom.

We can work from consulting on space planning and in new homes with floor, lighting and architectural planning.  Many clients also seek our assistance in designing rooms or spaces with wall, floor, and window treatments.  We are also happy to make furniture and art recommendations.  We specialize in providing custom draperies, shades and accessories.  Our firm is very versatile in our approach depending on your needs.

We serve as the project managers for many complete home and small commercial designs and redesigns.

All of our work is custom to you and your situation.  Our design range is from traditional to contemporary and we are comfortable in a full range of design styles.  A job by our firm will demonstrate a timeless sophistication that will provide your home or office space with a comfort and ambience unique to you.

If you would like to schedule a consultation, please contact us today.

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